lixil logo Networks Privacy Policy

The network does, in the course of normal operation, collect certain information, including IP addresses, email addresses, detailed web address requests, and other potentially identifying data. It is our policy that this information is collected and used only in the aggregate for statistical information. Individual data entries are not examined except in cases of abuse.

As the logs are used for aggregation purposes, the log retention policy for all services is that logs are retained for no less than five minutes after the beginning of a session, and no longer than one hour after the end of a session.

The system referred to as the " network" includes services offered under the specific domain of, but also includes services offered under other domains including, and These services are also covered by this privacy policy under the umbrella of the network. The network comprises many services, which may or may not be accesible to external entities, which include, but are not limited to, electronic mail storage and dissemination, web sites, messaging and directory services.

Isolated cases of abuse may arise in which individual log and/or access entries are retreived and stored. In such cases, the retrieval and storage of those items are limited to use in resolution of the case of abuse. Abusive activity includes, but is not limited to, unauthorized system or network access attempts, and excessive resource usage which results in service unavailability.